free verse stream of consciousMature

It's snowing.
Of course it is.
I hate
the fu*king snow.

Pile it on.
I swear
I can take it.
Except, maybe,
for on Tuesdays.

Tuesdays are my
They just always

But that's okay
because Tuesday
nights are
when my dealer
gets his shipment in.

So, I guess
Tuesdays aren't
so bad, afterall.

But it doesn't
since today
isn't Tuesday
& it's snowing

It's just one
more fu*king thing.
Tack it up
next to the

2-grand C-scan,
the new place to live
without a license
or a car.

Or maybe next to
my parents' divorce,
my mom's boyfriend
or my 12 year -
old sister on drugs.

We could add
it to my smelly,
part-time job
with dellusions of
grandeur - 
(what else?).

Pile it on.
I swear
I can't take it.

The End

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