Modern ExecutionMature

What has the world come to, you ask? Ha, if only I knew the answer to that. If only anyone knew, we might then know what it was meant to be like today.

Eyes down, as to avoid the sight

And protect my hardened heart from the fright

Of my impending demise

Which will soon end this story.


Oh, my life, why must it end in this way?

A needle, restraints, and a white room

No last light of day to comfort my end

Or allow me a goodbye to the Sun

And to my grieving son, and my wife

And every other aspect of my life.


No sympathy is held for me

"Ccriminal scum" they say

I deserve to die

By God's earth and its wind that allows doves to fly

Fly into the golden, infinite blue of the sky

Or soar off free to the blazing crimsom fireball melting the horizon

As sanctuary from the coming vast emptiness of night.

Death takes my right hand, stealing my soul with his left. I am done.


My soul stains even Death's unsightly hand;

I most certainly deserve this fate

And yet-- eternal damnation… is

The absence of everything that lightens

The thick ink-filled black hole of human sin

With that gone, the last light I see

Is the blinding fluorescent bulbs above me

As I begin to depart this too-beloved earth

The one that was stolen from me--

Because I was not guilty.

The End

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