Left Out

Standing on the ledge with the last black mood
yeah it may pass away but it will be back
Thank you all for leaving me behind
I was going to do this by myself
but you’ve all chosen your paths from me
and I’ve chosen mine

Knocked it back in one, this bottle holds none
I’ll keep with my lingering thoughts
I’ll accept the burn, you made sure of that
Sure I’ll smile if you dare honour me with your presence
It’ll probably be the last time I see you all
I’ve got somewhere to be

Left out
and not for the first time
It is easy to forget about me

Left Out

Left Out

I was always left out
You just never told me

These autumn leaves are perfection
even in their wilted state
I wish I could wander listlessly
Without purpose
Without you all
This is my choice and I hope you don’t understand
Is there any way I could tell you
without sounding strained?
Guess not
I suppose I’ll be leaving now
Standing on the ledge that somehow holds the answer
I’ll keep it in mind for my next endeavour

The End

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