Left Alone

a poem about life

All of those I loved so much betrayed me when I told of touch.

They couldn't see that I was right, 'cause then they'd have to stand and fight.

Stand and fight for what they see, open their eyes and look at me!

A baby, a girl, I still had curls; they turned their backs on me.

Left alone to feel the pain, I had nothing to give for them to gain.

Left alone to feel the shame, I was the target for their blame.

They shouted their hate, so loud and clear. Left alone, I felt my fear.

Left alone to search for love, that's when the Father up above took my hand.

He took my hand and held it tight, touched my heart and said "I'll fight!

Fight for your love, your salvation, too. There's plenty alone that you can do."

Left alone to feel His comfort wrapped around my heart, no matter what they say or

do, the Lord and I will never part.

The End

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