Leech Kisses

Another delightful romp in the macabre, this one for one of my characters, Dr. Vince Warwick, a psychiatrist at Sunnygrove "Wellness" Center who seems to be a bit under the weather on account of being possessed by something from Elsewhere. He now finds fear delicious.

Leech kisses
A bloodletting of the mind
Come in, sit down
Forget and unwind

You can sleep if you try
But something may awaken you
Leech kisses
Suckling at the truth

Tongues like needles
Sinking in my heart
He lies to your eyes
Tearing peace apart

You taste it, warm
In the back of your throat
Emotions have a flavor
An infested body bloats

Red neurosis blooming
As anxiety swells
This place is alive
Ah, the stories it tells

Fear like confection
Shame a sweet wine
Such a curious melange
Deceit is your shrine

Tormented words
In the sound proof cell
So many little teeth
To make them all "well"

Pressure from within
A nameless need to drain
Though hired to cure
You're driving me insane

Repression of the self
A cure for all disorder
From a nightmare stems a dream
From chaos comes order

So many sucking mouths
So many open sores
Perpetually hoping
For just a bit more

You're not you any longer
A mind fallen down
A chasm of the past
In the end, you'll drown

The End

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