Leaving Wonderland In A Fit Of RageMature

This is a poem on how what love can do to you.

Everything you say and do
Your love is a lure
Your words are like honey
One simple taste
And I’ll die from you
If that doesn’t get me
Then it’ll be the crazy shit you make me do
A wink
A smile
A kiss
This is what gets you through life
A wonderful flower
Covered in crazy
Covered in hate
Covered in sadness
Covered in tears
You run wild through this world
You run without a care
 You run knowing if you stop you’d be left to see the shattered side of you
So you play
So you destroy
So you make me walk a mile on my knees
You send me into wonderland
You give me joy
You give me love
But in the end
Everyone is the same
We leave wonderland in a fit of rage.

The End

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