Leaving tomorrow in a suitcase

Its about a friend battling cancer. and how she is inspiring because she acts as if it nothing and why are people so afraid battling less worse?

Some day we're all gone

But you have a greater chance

Having a growth and still you wear a smile on your face

Talk as if we are talking about the weather

Never giving up hope

Never stopping for anyone thats trying to hold you back

And nothing that might get in your way

Your so inspiring, you can only take your suitacase and run

The only person really watching for you

is you

So can i ask, why so many are afraid for what might be gone tomorrow?

When it might return tomorrow?

And if it doesn't then maybe all we ever needed was us

And our sick dreams and ambitions

the love for ourselves and music

Fear nothing

and laugh til the tree and temple begins to wither

And even then die loving

Why is it so scary for people to die alone

when you finally found peace?

The End

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