Leaving Home

Packing up and leaving home

Leaving everything I've ever known

New people, new faces

New creeds, new races

Will I stand out like a sore thumb?

Or blend into the background muted and dumb?

Will I miss my home?  Will I run for the door?

Or will it eventually feel like it's not my home anymore?

I can bring trinkets and baubles and photos with frames

I can bring books and posters and my favourite games

But I can't bring the memories or the feelings I had

I can't see my best friend every time I feel sad

I hate the fact that I need help

I can't stand my incompetence, I can't stand myself

Is it so bad to want to stay at home?

Is it so bad to not want to be alone?

Is it so bad

Is it so awful

That I need to break free, 

That I want to leave?

The End

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