Leave You Behind.

A poem about some former friends of mine.

10 years I've known you, 10 years of

laughter, fun, banter and sometimes a

bit of anger at each other. We were young,

cool and sometimes we thought we knew

it all, but we didn't.

I'm now a woman, a mature and intellectual

woman trying to make sense of the genetics

that made her who she is. I might make some

mistakes, I might screw up occasionally, but

whatever happens I stay true to myself.

You stayed the same, keeping that childish

secondary school mentality. When we fight,

you do the same thing that you always did -

you flounce off and make it all about you when

some of us don't care.

You, my other friend, walked out because you

were 'emotionally distraught' and didn't want to

admit you were wrong. I was stupid to trust you

as much as I did, and I'm actually better for your

absence, so thank you.

And you, my final friend ... the last stalwart of my

support team. You stayed until the end, but even

you couldn't stay truthful forever. Now that you are

gone, I think it's time that I left you all behind and

made my way alone.

Goodbye, old friends. I'm going to leave you behind

now, in the corner where you should have stayed. I

thought that bringing you into the room would make

you a good friend, but I think you and I are in separate

houses, let alone the same room.

The End

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