What if?

I got up, my head reeling in pain,

What if today I didn't feel like crap?

I walked out of my room wondering where I was going.

What if I could find my way?

I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth before going outside.

What if the snowflakes didn't melt as they caressed my cheek?

I ran, farther and farther into theforest, away, just running.

What if I could run away, for real this time?

The branches slapped my arms and twigs cracked beneath my feet.

What if today the tree fell, and I was around to hear it?

Would I help it back up?

Would I help her back on her feet?

Where she could stand tall and strong.

What if I wasn't strong enough?

What if I couldn't help?

What if the tree didn't make any noise?

What if, Ha. As if.

The End

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