leave me frozen in the ice

stop trying to

thaw me,

i'm done,

i won't accept any help

that you try to give,

it's hopeless.

you should have left me in the ice,

never tried to dig me out with short, bloodied fingernails,

so inadequate, when faced with such a task.

a spark won't help much,

a flame will make me despair,

a full-blown fire only causes me to cry.

i'm not worth the effort,

even though i feel i know you,

but you don't know me

yet when i flinch in reaction,

you know why,

and you know more than you let on.

please reply,

i'm sorry,

even though i still think you should have moved on by now.

that wasn't you,

stop him,

it doesn't ring true the way you smile.

i think that i'm done,

but this is enough,

and i appreciate the faith,

but you should have left

me in the ice,

it would be better for everybody.

your efforts are futile

though i still know

that you'll join me in this colden water.

they looked

and expected to see a paradise.

instead, they found a frozen wasteland.

The End

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