Leave Me Behind...

You take one look at me and think you have me all worked out,
With that smile on my face,
Laughing along with my friends,
Me looking 'myself' as you would say,
And seeming as if my life is so simple,
And that everything just comes so easily,

But what you don't see,                                                                                                                        

Is that girl with that smile on her face is all an act,
Deep down I'm crying inside,
And it's a challenge to smile everyday,
My friends aren't my friends,
And my life isn't simple, in fact it's far from it,
It's closer to impossible than simple and easy,
And nothing just comes to me,
I have to work for it,
Just pleasing my family is hard enough,
Which is why now I've given up,

That girl will be no longer, 

No longer with the same life,

But with a harder one for a while until I reach my goal,

Being independent,

Without any old friends who knew my life,

Or family to go home to,

But a new home with new friends,

People who understand what I've been through,

And won't be so quick to change,

Just got to get through it for now...

It's all I can do now,

Until I find someone to take me,

Until I find somewhere to take me,

Until I find someone who understands me,

Until I leave my old life behind,

Until I'm not living two lives,

And until I have a new one and have left the old one behind...

The End

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