Leave Her Heart To Rust

You take pride in hurting her
She can see it in your eye's.
She wants so much to love you
But you are suffocating her with your lies.

Tell her you will stop
And maybe she will believe you.
Tell her you love her
And maybe stop her from leaving you.

But you won't.
You enjoy too much the bruises you leave
Another black mark to add to the
Victory sheet you so desperately need.

Your smile that could once
Make her heart melt
Now, only brings with it a bitter coldness
That makes her body turn to ice.

That look is a warning
That tells her to run
In with the sharp pain
Out with the fun.

If she hides you will find her
Admit it, it is true.
Make her feel pain to the deepest,
Paint her black and blue.

The affection does not matter anymore
You have blanketed it with fear.
She gets shivers down her spine
Realizing you are near.

I hope the guilt it crushing you
To a degree you never knew was possible
Maybe next time when you look for her
You might remember when she is gone your life can be miserable.

For now she is safe
In the arms of someone she trust
But they will never leave her alone
Because once you left her heart to rust.

The End

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