The circus is in town, girl.

I'll follow you home, the silence dripping slowly into my lungs
And every second, every second the hands aren't wrapped around your neck, the ticking drown me, so subtly.
Your aura is almost visible,
The green lights shine upon your face,
So slowly, slowly.
The kisses fall like bricks, darling.

You were everything I wanted.

This train track is my sea, and the living dead have stolen me.
Like lions, they stalk in silence,
Viciously, they come for me

My soul burns out, and the stars in the sky are nothing

Every finger, gently crashing upon me draws blood,

One after another, we all fall down. 

Your eyes are the longswords, pulling apart my skin
Slicing windows into my insides.

Love is the silence
Love is the release.

Your passion implodes in the face of my shame,
Crying. Screaming.

Emptily, emptily.
Scouring the sky for falling bodies

There's only so much you can say when you're dead.

The End

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