Learning to Pray

Written for Del, for her grief, and for mine as a friend.
You've always got me. Remember that.

I can hear you crying
Even though you're far away
I can see the tears
Feel the weight of years
Crashing down on you.

You hurt.

I can feel you aching
From a pain inside your heart
I can see you wounded
Heart is bleeding
Hopes receeding
A cold wet sadness hanging there.

And here I am.

I want to help you badly,
I want to soothe the pain.
But I don't know how.
I want to be a good friend
Like my morals say I should
But I don't know how.

Then you gave me a way
You simply asked me
To pray.

I may not really know the way
It's something I've never done
But you tell me God always hears
I guess I can go with that.

So I sit here, thinking hard
Asking whatever
Gods are out there
To help you.
To comfort you.
To help to ease your pain.

I don't know if I've got this right
But it's all that I can do.
I'm thinking hard with all my might
I wrote this poem too.

I'm always here
At your side
If you need me.
My friend

The End

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