Leap of faith

When old love becomes new and you have to do everything over again in the hope that you don't mess up this time.

How is it possible after all this time

you want to make up and make as if everything

is okay. How sure can I be that this is not a scam 

and my heart will be put on the line again and after

 a while you will tell me again that this is not going

to work. How sure can I be?

I guess this why  they call it a leap of faith and that you must

hope for the best. My heart was just starting to recover and 

here you come and sweep me of my feet again. I must probably

not ask questions and just accept what is coming because deep

down in my heart I still truly love you after all this time.

I am so scared this is just a dream and all made up. Will we be

able to rekindle that old flame in our hearts and fall in love again?

Will I feel burning flames of passion every time you say or call my

name? Will that look in your eyes still be there when you look at me?

But only time will tell so we need to see what happens and maybe just 

maybe that spark can ignite again.

The End

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