Leap, Fly, Fall (Regretting)

I leap, I fly, I fall

Waiting for your voice

But you never came at all

I was lost in the white noise

And you never called to me

To bring me back to you

No, you didn’t even see

What you made me go through

I never thought you’d leave

Me all alone to die

I always did believe

That you’d never make me cry

Then you caused my tears to spill

Made ash of everything

And your body lay there still

I tried to fly without my wings

And towards your arms I fell

Except you were never there to catch me

In the shadow realms you dwell

From which the demons came to snatch me

They dragged me down to your side

At last two lovers meet again

Nowhere from the flames to hide

So, dancing in the scarlet rain

We were pulled apart once more

You to your death, and me to my life

I found myself upon the floor

Still holding that shining crimson knife

To my knees I climb to beg of you

Forgiveness but it’s much too late

There’s nothing anyone can do

So I lay down and succumb to fate

The End

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