Lean On Me

The time has come once again

To be there for you my dear friend

So go ahead and lean on me


Lately you've been feeling weak

And your words are hard to speak

Don't be afraid, just lean on me


You wish that you could conceal

All the pain in which you feel

But I don't need my eyes to see


Your lover left you and said goodbye

With a broken heart you wonder why

Just go ahead and lean on me


Now this world has got you down

Kicked you while you're on the ground

That's not the way it's supposed to be


You don't have to feel so all alone

Don't waste your time by the phone

And cause yourself more misery


You have someone who really cares

When your sadness comes in pairs

Don't be afraid, just lean on me


The life you live is filled with pain

You have to fight just to keep sane

So why don't you lean on me


Your man treated you so cruel

He made you feel like such a fool

The reason for your uncertainty


Your eyes are filled with endless tears

Your mind is full of needless fears

Your heart is closed indefinitely


There's nowhere else I'd rather be

And no one else I'd rather see

Coming to lean on me


Just lean on me,

Lean on me



The End

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