Leafing Home

I swear I have this on a few different sites, but..
Nature is a beautiful thing..

Why do you think trees grow

When we plant them?

A single leaf (Small)

Can change a mind (Big)

Solitary (Small)

Due to a different mind (Big)

It will whisper (Small)

To the bees (A different kind)

The other leaves (Conformists)

Play a adult game (Called follow the leader)

Trying to get the bees off the tree ('Its our land!', they claim)

But our radical mind (Remember, one of a kind)

See's things for what they are ('Its our home, all of ours')

Like the world holds us all (The rock that cares)

The tree holds them all by choice (We do not own it)

But still nobody cared ('What a phony')

And they turn their back (Cruelly)

On the leaf of affection (One of them is in the right direction)

Who soon enough floated to the ground (Autumn, surely, came around)

With a seed in his palm (Holding tight a dream)

And created a new tree (One for you and me)

One that would hold (Quite nicely, I'm told)

Anyone that asked (Big)

Once a leaf (Small)

And now a tree (Big)

Once was different (Small)

Started a revolution (Big)

Why do you think trees grow

When we plant them?

The End

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