Lead Us Not Into Temptation

 Lead us not into temptation, those places where Satan sifts us
Deliver us from evil, to that secure place where Christ lifts us
To the throne of God, through his intercession on our behalf
To that place where those tormented in tears can finally smile and laugh

Lead us not into temptation, into vague guilt, prompted by the devil, not the Word
Deliver us from evil, the evil of a seared and malformed conscience, distorted, distracted, deterred
When we hear the warnings of your Word, may we apply them to ourselves, not to others
May we understand that in loving you, we must also love our sisters and brothers

Lead us not into temptation, the tendency to revise your commands to suit our desires
Deliver us from evil, the evil of quenching the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying fires
The good I want to do, I do not do, and the evil I hate I keep going back to
A hypocrite at heart, I find myself looking down on others struggling to get through

Lead us not into temptation, the tendency to give too much ear to the Foe
Deliver us from evil, deliver us from ourselves, and never let us go
When hell is swallowing us, let us hear you pleading for us before the Father
Let us derive comfort from your redeeming blood, and not set our hopes on any other

Lead us not into temptation—we find it easily enough on our own
Deliver us from evil—the world, the flesh, and the devil—and never leave us alone
Save us from comparing ourselves to others, which leads to presumption and despair
May we seek solace only in Christ, and daily find it there

Lead us not into temptation, the darkest corners of our fallen hearts
Deliver us from evil; from the habitual tendency to self-deception, help us depart
No man shall pluck us out of Christ’s palm—he’s carrying us to his Promised Land
With his mediation, our salvation is based on a solid rock, not sinking sand

The End

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