The Storm

A storm is brewing out on the sea,

Not one being knows how bad it’ll be.

It will destroy Their careless mistakes

The pointless grey buildings that They make


A blast of lightning strikes hard on earth

Causes Them to fear for Their worth

But continue still to squander Their wealth

Without a care for the great Earth’s health


The wind blows hard across the land

Tearing up years of toil of hand.

Restores the plain to the way it was

Before They dig again with metal claws


The rain pours justly upon the stone

Chlling all cities to the bone

Washes away, sins of the past

They get the message. At last.


The sun rises calmly in the east

The storm has abated, soothing the beast

They will heal Their dreadful blunder

Lest the storm again tear Them asunder.

The End

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