Hero of the War?

Two black merciless holes,

Where the eyes should be.

Dark and terrifying depths;

It has known no glee.


Nothing save cold, hard bone

In the place of skin.

Its frozen surface has no life;

No joyful soul within


It was once called a man,

But the war changed that.

Now it’s just an empty shell:

A home to mouse and rat


It went in search of conquest,

Earned victory in fights.

But if you desire the same thing:

Beware. War bites.


It lost all it’s humanity,

All things to call its own.

Its eyes became dead and cold,

It’s flesh, frozen bone.


Is this a hero of the war,

Or a terrible beast?


Tell me.


What kind of hero is it

That eats corpses for a feast?

The End

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