Leabhar Meabhrach - Book of Thoughts

This will be a collection of poetry, random things that I need to get out of my mind somehow.

I was bored in school, and I just started writing a poem. I wanted somewhere to put it, and so I made this Book of Thoughts, this Leabhar Meabhrach. Hopefully I'll write more poems, and put them here. I can't say how often I'll put anything here - I can't even say if I'll ever go near it again.

But at least I have the option.


  1. ... And So Lives the Death
  2. The Tree
  3. Hero of the War?
  4. The Storm
  5. Siúlóid Chiain (in Irish)
  6. Yellow Sun (modeled on William Carlos Williams's 'The Red Wheelbarrow.')
  7. Good Friday (my first religious-themed poem)
The End

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