Laying Me Down

A somewhat autobiographical/confessional poem I wrote.

Mother, Mother

When it comes time

When the summer wind blows

Through the chimes

Will you lay me down

Beneath this sweet ground?


Father, Father

My bones don’t lie

Inside they are breaking

With cracks so dry

So will you lay me down

Beneath this holy ground?


Brother, Brother

Please do not cry

My soul is unfettered

And therefore must fly

But will you lay me down

Beneath this frozen ground?


Sister, Sister

Whom I love best

I am not frightened

To be at rest

They have lain me down

Beneath this broken ground


Do not dig for me

When you are sad

Lo, do not claw the earth

When times are dark

But stay a while o’er me

Dearest lark

And sing to me your little songs

The End

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