Lay of Mirrorwater

A lay that was written by Aristoff the Blind during the waning years of the Azure Span - three hundred years before the events seen in "Starling in the North". The lay details the last accounts of Pavil Strahmsbreth; a notable warrior who perished during the Battle at Mirrorwater.

"Help!" O they cry,
upon weakened knees,
with tear-rimmed eye,
from tongue, gods beseech.

The green, wicked lords,
of the faraway wood,
push crude iron swords,
through all that is good.

T'is their land, they say,
spitting curses our way,
towers crumble and sway,
'bove the battles a'fray.

But lo, who is this?
riding headfirst into,
faded smoking abyss,
longsword striking true.

The green lords did fight,
mocked the promise of death,
facing blight and  dark night,
at the hand of Strahmsbreth.

As hordes were thrown back,
and battle stood still,
along banks mirrored black,
the air dropped to a chill.

Pavil Strahmsbreth did fall,
during the stock of melee,
but a hero he'll be,
'til the world's waning day.

-- Aristoff the Blind

The End

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