She Deserves To Be Heared of ; ilyy x


She could be trusted with my life

She and I Can Talk To Her for Hours

She Likes to Shout at Ladybirds,

She just got her Baden Powell.

She is like my own pretty sheep

She’s as silly as a sack of flour :L

She’s the best that you can wish for

Although sometimes she is ours ;)

But she always brings me to laughter

And she always shows her power

She is strong and always braver

She will make it through every hour


She and I have the best memories

And were prepared for the tears

And we will watch many more greys anatomies

And we will be puzzled at volumes of spheres

She will never grasp the concept of Spanish

And she won’t understand that it’s not Mexican either

But she will be my Best Friend now and forever

Because she is there for me and that draws us nearer.

The End

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