Last SongMature

I wrote this as a last resort to save what feelings i had left for a girl that meant the world to me.

I have been here waiting for you to realize that I'm still alone in world
You broke my heart and I want to give you back everything you gave me your no longer my girl
But I forgive you every time I see your face even though it may just be a picture of what we used to be
For I'm losing my insanity as I close my eyes I see what was and I know of the person that I no longer see
But if one day you decide that you see that I'm a guy that you could love no this I may love you forever but the hurt will stay
So when you ask me down the road why I have become the person that you can't fully love it is who I am to become today
I may love you forever but my heart can't take the hurt of what you gave me, I didn't see the fate we shared would end
I am falling apart at the seams as I look back at what I am to become numb for the fact I'm no longer with you so here we send
All the love and hate that we once shared I am no longer feeling what I felt for you for anyone else and it hurts
I hate the fact that I gave you all my heart only to have you shove it back in my face so I'm seeing it in bursts
I may not be perfect but I gave you everything and I thought you gave me yours back as well
So as I sit here writing this I hope you know that you put me through this mother fucking hell
I'm sorry for hurting I'm sorry that I cared, because I no longer feel that I need love
I'm sorry I let you piss on me as I rose you to the throne I seen from above
I'm leaving this world not to come back to which I belong
For this is the final note of my life...the final song

The End

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