Last Reflections

This is a fairly short poem I wrote a year ago or so, turned out to be one of my favourite pieces. :)

My first thankyous are my last,
As I close my eyes and reflect on our past.
My final memories close in stronger than fear,
Knowing the end is almost here.
As a silent tear rolls down my cheek,
My entire body becomes helplessly weak.
Our last kiss repeats itself softly in my head,
Remembering how I fell for every word you said.
I drift into a meaningless state of mind,
Knowing I can never turn back time.
And tell you all you once told me,
Now all I ask is you set me free.
Despite my heart bleeding in pain,
The illusion of you is still the same.
As it is, I'm numb, I'm dead.
To you I'm just a memory pushed out of your head.
You carved scars into my emotions that will never heal,
Now I guess you'll never know how I really feel.

The End

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