Grownups say that once you’re grown up,
you’re grown up.
You have no time for make believe or going against the grain.
Sometimes, I feel like it wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat.
It was the nature of the beast in the dark that hunted me all this time…
That sense of calm before the storm as you’re flying
that feels like you’ve got a bird’s eye view of
everything past, present, future
as you peer down with your eagle eyes.
Count your blessings, for you’re living a dream.
Having an imagination might be hard, it might make you cry,
but over time, I’ve realized that because every tear is a waterfall
you should learn to swim so you don’t drown in tears.
Trust me, they’ll come to you, and you should let them,
for it’s always darkest just before the dawn,
and cus lemons that life gives you
can always be turned into lemonade...
and lemonade is like sunshine, right?
And find that sunshine in the woods
where I spent my childhood
being among the last children in the woods

The End

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