These days, people think seeing is believing.
Every moment is a rushing minute,
focused on business and run-run-run
forgetful of the times that as children they used to have on top of the world,
just below cloud nine.
All that’s up their sleeves now is getting ahead in the world,
and everything is a day late and a dollar short.
Their soapboxes scream out net profits here and there
as they rest in their gilded cages,
never thinking about the corruption they’re causing,
how all they have up their sleeve is their clouded souls,
and how those clouds never have a silver lining.
They’re dead to the world and think it’s dog eating dog
when really all it takes is a little imagination
and a little comprehension
 of the problem
to be the early bird who catches the worm.
And it shouldn’t take a business man
(who wouldn’t listen anyway)
that this way of life
has been done to death
and has been a dead beaten horse
for a good long while now.

The End

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