"Last Breath"Mature

dedicated to anyone fighting, lost, and affected in ANY way by the monster known as Cancer

"Last Breath"

One O'clock in the morning and I've been by her side for seventeen hours straight. I have never once thought about leaving this small, cramped, claustrophobic room. Everyone else has 

But I won't, not because I don't want to I'd love to take a break, but I can't she's holding 0nto my hand squeezing with the strength of a twenty-foot Python suffocating its next meal.

All I can think of are all the memories that I shall forever cherish in my heart and in my mind. There is no such thing as negative reminiscing only positive remembering. Despite myself

I start to cry, I hate how she's the one that should be in pain and despair the one one crying and praying, but it is 


The healthy one, the strong one
who is breaking down. I know she doesnt' like me to.

But I can't help it!
Not now!
Not ever!

I dry my eyes and blow my nose and focus in on her laying on that gurney helpless and defenceless. I jump to my feet with joy and happiness and draw a sigh of relief at the sight of her taking her first long breath in seventeen hours then come


As I realize that it wasn't a sign that she had won,
But rather a sign that she had been defeated.


For her cancer had just won the fight in her lungs and heart. 

She now passes.

My dream girl,
My fiance,
My life and love
My night and day

I just watched her breath be drawn away!

Jesus Christ, Almighty God
Will I ever be the same?!?!?
Is there anyone else?!?!?

*Dedicated to all those who have lost, or are loosing someone, anyone to teh monster known as Cancer*

June 4, 2009    

The End

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