Last 50 seconds

A movie-style love scene.

I'm running and running and running and running,

I brush past an OAP, don't care.

The sound of steam can be heard,

I shout her name, I shout it so loud,

She can't hear me, the headphones.


Don't go.

Keeping my pace with the bus only for a few seconds,

Thumping fists onto the window pane- I wake up an old man

I scan the deck for a micro-second

Gone, she's upstairs,

I keep running, I don't know why.


The memories flash past

The smiles, the laughs, the hugs... 

I'm still running stumbling crying

Stopping now, my hands on my knees.

Never had run so fast,

Then, what I, would hate the most, happens,

She sees me. 


The bus turns round the corner,

The last, patch of snow, has melted.

A new season.

A new day.

It sucks.


The End

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