My breath is consumed by the magic in your stare

You make my heart flutter, though your unaware

Secretly my desire is stronger

but still you wait longer

Temptation calls your name, sweet  and sound

This interesting affair that I recently found

So patiently standing by, without complaint

Carefully I focus on my own restraint

So different, you are, my senses flare

A soul of happiness , tender and rare

I waited for so long ,  here you are

My thoughts wander near and far

One minute Im content, in the next I'm torn

My emotional brakes are worn

Afraid that you will be, the one I love

Looking for signs from the man above

In your absence there is pain

In your presence the is strain

A roller coaster of feelings appear

My smile fades when your not here

Protect me from my fears, shield me from my past

Promise me that this thing will last

Hold me in the night, wake me in the light

Never leave he stranded, keep me in sight

My hand is reaching out, your glance pulls me in

In reality things can fade,Let the romance begin

The End

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