The lawn mower man took my flowers away.

I rent my apartment
And the cruelty is
What the landlord dislikes
He can take right away.

I was being lazy 
Tuesday morning
When I heard the first chain saw of spring 
That perpetual roar that endures until winter

Man versus nature
It’s an unfair fight 
Whirring blades
Against soft, green flesh.

The bumble bees were so happy
They were laughing
And joking and whizzing around 
There were
Too many 
To allow me to lounge in the clover. 
They were skipping flower to flower
And bathing in the weather.

But that day.
This day
The 3rd of April.

All the clover flowers,
That were reaching for the sun
boasting their ivory crown
Have been chopped up and thrust
Into a canvas bag and piled up on the side of the road.
Indistinguishable faces

And now the backyard is much too homogenous
All clean and tidy like pedicured toes.
And the bees no longer come around,
Cause there’s nothing to keep them merry
And I can spend all afternoon to enjoy the shadeless yard.
To lay my feet on the stubbled lawn.

Who cares for reclining in clover?
When there are no more young white flowers, 
My backyard used to be paradise
but now it’s an empty graveyard 
without a single flower
to mourn its loss.  

The End

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