Lancelot's Last Lament

Inspired by Arthurian legend, and especially by the character of Lancelot, who played a large part in the downfall of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

O, Fate! Why cruelly drown me with her eyes,
Deep pools like moons whose tides wrought us a pair?
Forbidden love that Arthur did despise
Destroyed our peace and forced our realm to tear.
The bounty of our love filled me with hope
That life would wax beneath her golden glow;
But Arthur’s snare compelled us to elope -
Life waned instead: our love turned friend to foe.
Guilt stains my brow with blood of friends I slew;
No spell of love so strong my soul to clean.
I gained my heart, but there I lost it too;
So fare thee well, I bid to my lost Queen.
    Last breath I take before this moonlit pool.
    Yet, Fate, strong love no deadly depths can cool.

The End

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