Keep a hold on my heart - 
Can't you see the way she cries?
And the way she slips into dark?
My soul, the one I never loved -
It was you who opened the box
To all of what it has pleasant inside.
You, my gracious blue eyes -
Have given me, the taste of guilty delight.
Oh, so why have you left me here
And never fought for me?
Is it because I'm shameful,
Because I'm tainted with fear
And such a disloyal mind,
Which sometimes forgets
That the moon always shines, 
Even on the darkest nights?

If my eyes, will give birth
To rivers, turning into oceans,
I wonder if the depths of their sorrows
Will get to you and bring you back to me - 
Is it your heart that I hear in the distance?
Or is it, just a delusion, cursed
To make me shiver, with anticipation?
Oh, love of mine, I denied the colors of your eyes
And now, I can only dream of them
And weep storms, never reaching your heart.

The End

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