Lament of the lost mind

A poem, to clarify, about a dead man. And the loss of his life meaning the loss of everything he ever knew and was. It's not got a great rhythm, I'll probably come back to edit it, but yeah.

Here he lies in person
His corpse lies here in earth
His spirit is long gone away
To new ethereal turf

But his consciousness is gone
His mind does not remain
His thoughts don't flit through anymore
There's nothing thinking in his brain

His perspective was his own
As his life took it's toll
As his vision was clouded
Through the mist of his own soul

But that tainting was no hindrance
Plain sight matched by the hidden
No one has ever see the world quite as he did
And never will again

No one learnt his lessons how he did
No one knows the memories that are to blame
Others can obtain the knowledge he knew
But none can use it quite the same

His train of thought has been derailed 
And as his timeline now unwinds
Let us be sorrowful and mourn
And lament the loss of this mind

The End

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