This is a little corny love song I wrote. I hope you enjoy and I hope you don't hate it.

Also, a side note, I look weird in the video and I'm weird on camera in general, so don't make fun of me haha

I wish that your head was heavier
So I had proof that it was resting on my pillow.
I wish my hands were sweatier
So when you didn't let go I'd know it's real
I wish that you'd read slower
So that every word I sang contributed to you being late.
I wish that I had motivation
To make you write my last name in your books
Your fingers are small
And mine are too big
Put both hands in my right
So the left can touch your cheek
I only have four chords
But I have a million words to say
I want to pick you flowers
But who wants plants that resemble their face?
I've got a steady job
It's called filling up your pockets
And princess I know you hate it
But that smile makes me think I should've paid for it
The way you float on by
The way you tear me apart with your mountain brown eyes
You're goofy and I love it
Your laugh can make me die

The End

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