Lady Adrenaline

Fight or flight.
The evolutionary tactic.
The man you are in life.
Comes down to which you practice.

Those that stand and fight.
Regret nothing.
Though the risk might take their life,
If runners believe they are living, they are bluffing.

When approached by your opponent.
Your muscles become limp, and your heart beats.
But you forget your core component,
The adrenaline that insures their defeat.

It’s what may one day save your life.
It keeps you at the top of your game.
Because these streets aren’t nice,
It stops you feeling pain

The boy that learned this.
His nervy, twitchy hands, turn to fists.
His heart…it beats for more.
Blood red becomes his skies.
Wild becomes his eyes.
As he takes pleasure when his opponents fall to the floor

That scared boy
Well...that boy died
He is now far from coy
With lady adrenaline by his side


Ryan Smith 

The End

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