Leave you withMature

through all the lies
you let out of your mouth
all the words
you thought would make me hurt
all the times
I thought I could trust you
You've got nothing left for me
nothing you can take away
I won't be so easily broken
I'm not your pawn
this isn't your game
I've seen through
all your little tricks
dare you to drink me away
think you can block out all that pain
I promise
I'm not here to stay
but I
will leave you bloody
and scarred
take a bite
of your own medicine
served back to you
did you think
I would just go
never looking back
not leaving a mark
I'll leave you with something
you'll never forget
I'll leave you tasting
blood and regret
on the roof of your mouth,
the tip of your tongue,
and the back of your throat
I'll leave you with
the same fear
that you instilled in me

The End

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