Got youMature

The feelings I have are catastrophic,
could take the world by storm.
But you keep them in your hands,
you hold them safe and warm.
All that time I had spent
with my mind so severely bent
when all I thought of was you
how did it get me to be so moot?
all of the thoughts in that time
I didn't think you would possibly be mine
Well obviously I was entirely wrong
So I tried to put it into a song
but it stuck out like a gnome
so I wrote it into a poem
constantly stealing my breath,
so addictive, much like meth
but you are a much better drug
a contagious kind of bug
The twist in my tummy, the fear
whenever you were near
to tell you that my love
was an open book, fallen, above
but written entirely for you
like a ghost saying "boo!"
but it's all so good
no more plague for my mood
I'll wrap you in a bow,
and never let you go.

The End

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