Apathetic, that's youMature

this final god damn chain
and all this fuckin' pain
will be your shitty bane
when I'm behind the frame
while you spent all your damn life
throwing ours in the trash
did you ever look at a knife
and think to make it crash
with your thin skin
while we laid in the bin
did you push the needle in
injecting all that sin
did you think your slate was clean
did you think that you were free
while you always cause a scene
well you were never ever pristeen
while you pretend you're smart
I'll be with my art
when they put you on a cart
you'll of course taste very tart
but don't take it all to heart
you're finally at the last part
where the hell have I been
while you kicked me in the shins
well if you think you're gonna win
you might as well say "fín"
cause I'm done with all your shit
all the skin I should have bit
and the crimes you already commit.

The End

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