Ladies Night Out

A poem about the ravishes of eldery dementia or similar mental illnesses and the effect on family... powerful stuff!!!

Bingo on a Sunday,

Red marker pens in hand.

Gonna win the Arkwright,

Or a Chicken for roast,

Or maybe whiskey.


We bundle up in taxi

Around seven or so.

Packed cakes in the tin,

And coffee in the flask,

And we set off.


Watch the lights go past,

As we whiz down the road.

“Watch where you’re goin’ young man!”

You’ll say, and I’ll laugh,

You do it every time.


I’ll help you back out the taxi,

and together we’ll amble up the path.

Last thing left in the shell,

You say “Who are you?”

You don’t know – “Don’t worry Mum.”

Written on the 5th April 2009...posted on  on the 24th April 2009

The End

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