†‡† Cloud Burst †‡†

I exercise my will,
I jeopardize my pride, 
I execute my heart,
I suffer for my insides,
I am just a wasteland,
A world broken by a storm
A savage rock of rubble,
Brittle, grey and forlorn,
I suffer from my promises,
I decay for my excuse,
I hold measures of interest,
In my self-proclaimed misuse,
I am just a cloud burst,
A tyrant of a storm,
A thousand raging cyclones,
Above a dark rock I was born,
I hate the waste of empathy,
And apathy that I lack,
Tired and misguided,
I want my promise back,
I never want a black circle,
Wrapped around my hand,
I don't want a heart print melting,
Into my dark and dreary sands. 

The End

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