†‡† Lacuna Heptade †‡†

†‡† 7 †‡†


†‡† Scarab Skies †‡†

Aurora bleeding, silver skies meeting,
Cascading, this break in, of sun in the white,
Blue skies drowning, pyramids frowning,
Dark harvest, no nile, no sun in the sky.

Gratefully holding this scarab now rolling,
Tumbling softly, the fermenting sun to the blue,
Traces of ether, blossom beneath her,
Drab sun shrieks pattern a forest in gloom.

My opium fades, a swift kiss runs away,
I trip the light, feed the sky, beautifully splay,
My heart across worlds, a chaos unfurled,
A torn moment of sun spray, sending the day. 

This beautiful envy, such space to forget,
Everything I wanted, will sever us yet,
Beautiful sun, stroke, envious cloud,
Indigo feelings, sins spoken out loud. 

The End

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