To that missing piece...

A cracked heart,
Our cries find you,
And then impart
a dried rose,
Centuries dead,
But beautifully so,
Leaving doubt
and ache, morose,
Was this the life
you could have known?

It was a lost crown
that was only darkened,
Esoterically bound,
Rarely hearkened,
Forever, prince,
The meaning fell
from words,
So haunted,
Unable to quell
the passage of time,
And the silence
of death
seemed taunting.

Fate’s hand slipped,
And you passed
between lives,
Blood had dripped,
With darting eyes,
I’d hold you close,
If I could, again,
Misgivings spent,
Fallacies waived,
You are my regrets,
and my voice is staved,
Knowledge lasts
Beyond consciousness,
I’ll find and save you,
Hands grasped,
Holes mended,
A coronation
long overdue.

The End

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