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There is a heavy darkness blanketing my world,

I see these streets with filtered, jaded eyes

Lackluster existence,

brilliance is a privilege my soul no longer emanates, 

Feeling is fleeting,

My heart is beating but it makes no sound...

My lungs are breathing involuntarily, if they didn't, I'm not sure I would beg them to do their job.

My only purpose here is to dispose of my bones beneath blankets,

Seeking warmth and tranquility, but only finding a never-ending store of headaches and tears,

This is the result of wasted years.

I spent them, knowing what I wanted to be,

when everyone I met kept saying, 'The sky's the limit!'

They said 'your smile glitters like the stars,' the stars I want to rest among someday.

To all my wellwishers I owe an apology, 

Because quite frankly, I have fallen flat in a grave that I've dug myself. 

I can fill graveyards with my motivations and dreams and goals,

You are filling library shelves with all the ways that I have surprised, disappointed, and left you unsatisfied.

This scrawl, like so much else of late, I have lost the energy to finish it, I could have thought of it, mapped it out, loved it,

But here I am, yet again, leaving you.

I litter, covering the ground near my hovel with the corpses of my attempts to greet the 'morrow.... 

a once fertile page, now stripped of promise, clings to my nerveless fingers where they lie... 

The End

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