Labours of the Lost Society

Deep beneath an iron curtain you lay,
But what does its strength do to you!
Only to march under from the red,
And steal from your neighbored kings.

Did the Bibles of the West teach you nothing?
And the solemn pride and dignity weld inside,
Or are you the conformist of the theology,
And the faith at you do not include!

Blast into inferno and yet it is doth stop,
But even your stars so woven unto it,
Grow deep into the hearts of those,
And lie waste to the open strings of souls!

Ill-lit until skies turn black with branded love,
Or love branded with something on no respect,
Deny the pleasures of a fallen land,
Serve the lords immersing love!

And to find that worlds collide with you,
And to the east, the liven ruins of a life still on,
Divided by the conflicts of love and destruction,
Lay waste to your social-republics!

Don't waste the precious time used for the light,
For what is green for envy if it is a sin,
Until the West turns up into you,
You shall be the kings of a kingdom that have no life! 

The End

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