This poem is about labels and has a deeper meaning then it does.. only poetical minds can see :).

Venomous intoxications causing discombobulations

placing caskets on nations, discriminating colours

driving race to be non-existent

now we all colour blind.. Make up made up beauty

which was also fabricated where a normal face was always under-rated.

Where the homeless lived in makeshift tents over steam vents where common sense and paying attention wasn't affordable.. 

Where ambitions were missions that seem so far that it faded 

Where minds sets were mine sets Being picked at by insanity 

Where labels were cables hanging on to your ambitions 

Where hate was spread like gas emissions Listen stop fishin for labels

Keep your ego in the stables 

Tryna break the chains but you ain't able

This world got you locked up boxed up

You didn't realize the power of words until you were labeled...

The End

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