la vie en Rose.

They say there's butterflies, firecrackers, dynamite and whatnot;

that the world stop s.

and that Gaia herself holds her breath:


when soul meets soul and you connect.


but sometimes it's as simple as a smile on your lips;

and the Earth doesn't stop for you.

nothing does.

it keeps going;

the b-e-a-t of your rabbit heart in your chest.

and the breeze kisses away the fear,

tickles the desire from deep within.

the sweet taste of apples

just about brings you



cause those brown eyes;

they like to take you                 away

to your Garden of Eden

where you wish you could stay.


for they promised there'd be butterflies

and firecrackers

and dynamite

but in your one forever -

you've seen his rose

on That River bank

and those seconds soon passed

like the dew on the grass

tick, drop.


a fleeting moment, now far gone.
followed by deep breaths and reality's soft pinch. 
you can't capture it in your hands.
you don't want to. 
because that one eternity,
that bloomed in short seconds...

it's Enough.

The End

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